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Complex house renovation and conversion

Remodeling of a house, from ready-to-build to complete interior architectural design!

The house is built, but the home is still to be designed?
That's when you need a construction team that performs interior design tasks tastefully and with high quality, whether it's electrical installation, plumbing, tiling, painting or carpentry.

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Apartment - Office - Business premises
Renovation, from demolition to construction!

Renovating your home is a pleasure with us.

We help from the moment of planning to create an optimal and modern visual design and construction, which will certainly not disappoint you.


Home furnishing and interior design consulting, planning

We first get to know your home furnishing needs that match your and your family's lifestyle and budget, and then we prepare plans that meet your needs. Finally, we implement the jointly optimized plans. Finally, you and your family can happily occupy your home.


Professional and unique furniture design, kitchen installation

Do you want IKEA or custom kitchen furniture?
Do you want your furniture to be assembled safely and professionally?

If you want guaranteed well-functioning furniture, the doors of which do not hang or the drawers fall off, or which do not get squeezed or get wet, then our team with 1000+ furniture installation experience will be the perfect solution.


Solar panel design and installation

Our company also deals with the design, installation and licensing of solar systems.

The systems we install range from the premium category to the upper-middle category, and the customer can learn about several options in our price offer. Knowing this, everyone can choose the solution that best suits their possibilities and needs.

The price offer we give includes everything that arises in connection with the installation of the system, including dealing with the electricity supplier.


Renovation and Handyman services

Precise work, stress-free execution

Flooring Wooden Floor

Kitchen installation


Plumber at Work

Installation of shelves and lamps

Accurate and Beautiful

Floor covering

Laminate or WPC

Countertop Measurement

Bathroom maintenance

Bathroom installation

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Image by Remy_Loz

Laying artificial grass

For terrace or roof

Washing Machine Maintenance

Wallpapering, tiling

In stripes or on larger surfaces

Assembling furniture

Precise assembly and placement

Image by engin akyurt

Connecting devices

Washing machine, dishwasher, faucet, oven

Rolls of Wallpaper
Hands Drilling

Frequently Asked Questions

Do they bring screws and auxiliary materials?

Yes, we always have screws of several sizes, siloplast, and smaller wall repair materials. We always discuss the work beforehand, and if extra materials are needed, we discuss their procurement.

Do they clean up the dirt after themselves, do they take away the waste?

Yes, we try to keep order and pay attention to your home. For dusty tasks, we work with an industrial vacuum cleaner. The areas to be protected are covered or packed to prevent accidental accidents. We can take away the waste for a separate fee, the type and quantity of which should be discussed in advance.

How can I pay?

On the spot in cash, or by bank transfer, or with the Revolut or Wize app.

What kind of bill do they give?

We provide an invoice with VAT as a result of our company operations.

Do you have to stay on site while the work is being done?

It is enough at the beginning to agree on the needs and possibilities on the spot, and then to carry out the work independently and precisely. If some unexpected difficulty arises, due to which it is not possible to carry out the work in accordance with the original agreement, we will call you and make a proposal, based on which you decide. When the work is finished, we will wait for you back at the property to take over the performance and settle the bill.

Can they give you an offer in advance?

Yes, we give a price offer based on the knowledge of the tasks, but there may be cases when, despite our experience, unknown circumstances make the work difficult, which may result in additional fees.

How can we make an appointment and what should be said?

Please think about the jobs you want and write them down on a sheet of paper. Write next to it what sizes and what kind of products it is. In addition, it is important to be aware of the apartment, the house, the installation heights and any relevant conditions, e.g.: parking difficulties. If we are aware of all such factors, we can arrive prepared and solve all your wishes.

If additional tasks arise than what was discussed, will they be completed?

Yes, it is possible to perform these even in the next hour or two, but it may happen that you have to go to the next location, so such work must be scheduled for a later date.

Service fees


Disembarkation fee: the half-hour fee corresponding to the chosen service.

Parking fee: parking costs over HUF 500 will be charged in a paid zone

Auxiliary materials fee: depending on the quantity of auxiliary materials used (e.g.: screws, dowels, siloplasts, fast-wearing cutters, drills, abrasive materials).

Fee for material procurement: same as the time-proportional fee for the chosen service, maximum 500l and 200kg, individual fee above

Work planning fee: in the case of work requiring planning, according to the fee corresponding to the chosen service

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