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Office and shop conversion

VisionTrend Kft. is a construction company with which you can be sure that the fulfillment of your needs will be realized along the lines of optimal cost solutions with a hint of specialness, which you can always be proud of.


Service packages

Prices do not include VAT. The prices are informative!


Purpose: to update the overall office image and increase space utilization

Landscape design or interior design
Development of color harmony

Furniture update

Project cost: between HUF 1-5M


Purpose: spectacular and demanding changes, redesign and remodeling of smaller rooms

Development of kitchen/bathroom/meeting room

Replacement of cold and warm covers

Increasing the efficiency of lamps and lighting

Wall decorations, dividers, other design elements

Project cost: between 5-1 0M F orints


Goal: transform the office in all respects so that we can enjoy the benefits of quality development in the next 10 years

Complete visual design, interior design and execution!

Cold and warm covers

Lamps, lighting

Wall decorations, dividers

Curtains, shades

Moving walls

Mechanical engineering, electricity, air engineering

Office furniture, chairs, tables

Project cost: between HUF 10-30M

Why is it worth it?

Modern Interior Design

Employees who are proud of their office and work environment are more loyal and perform the tasks assigned to them more efficiently!

Design and quality furniture are important elements of the transformation of the office, but the optimal use of space and energy efficiency are perhaps even more important!

Modern Kitchen in Workspace
Clean Modern Desk

New image, nicer and gentler lighting technology, new and comfortable furniture, efficient and joyful environment.

Who is it recommended for?

Those who are looking for a contractor who completes the development of their office with full expertise!

Anyone who wants to work with a partner with specialized qualifications and liability insurance.

For those for whom it is extremely important that their valuables are handled safely and that the execution is regular and transparent!

Special services

Special sound insulation

Internal thermal insulation

Access and building management system installation

Card management of electric car chargers

Repositioning and transillumination of walls

Samsung 2-9m displays

Anti-parking with mobile control

Creation of quiet corners and communal spaces

OfficeTuning process

Office conversion

1. Coordination

We will get to know your needs over the phone and make a proposal for the appropriate design service.

2. Survey

The first personal meeting will be held in the office to be converted, we will assess the current situation and discuss the goal to be achieved and the relative costs.

Office conversion
Office conversion

3. Planning

We prepare the first sketches in a 3D designer and show them in photo quality and discuss the modification needs.

4. Plan refinement

After refining the plan, we prepare a high-quality plan that includes the future furniture, wall decorations, kitchen and washrooms. After presenting the plan, we make sudden changes.

Office conversion
Office conversion

5. Pricing

We price the accepted plan and, if necessary, optimize the costs.

6. Contract conclusion

We will sign the contract based on the accepted offer and carry out the renovation by the desired deadline.

Office conversion

Additional services

Modern Kitchen

Kitchen furniture and dining room design

Image by Christiann Koepke

Reception design

Inspiring workplaces

IT environment

Office conversion

Contact - 06-30-383-1901

What services package are you interested in?

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Frequently asked questions

What guarantees do they offer?

  1. Design satisfaction guarantee, if you are not satisfied with the process or the result, we will give you your money back.

  2. We guarantee first-class quality.

  3. We offer a one-year full warranty and this can be extended with annual maintenance.

What do you get for your money?

During the design, a full description and 3D visual plans with photorealistic images. So you can see what the result will be from the first moment. On the plans, you will see elements that can actually be purchased and then installed.

How long does the design process take?

Design is always the result of a collaboration. Based on our experience, it takes an average of 3-4 weeks.

How long does it take to complete?

It always depends on the size and complexity of the project. We can tell you the expected need for this already at the first conversation.

How can it be resolved that the company's employees also use part of the office?

We close the work areas in stages with the necessary sound and dust insulation solutions. In case of a special situation, we count on night or weekend work.

How do they ensure the protection of confidential information and values?

The company's security manager creates security regulations based on the security needs he has learned and checks compliance with them on a daily basis. If necessary, a camera and card surveillance system is used temporarily.

How does project management work?

A highly experienced specialist leads the team and is constantly present during the execution. He immediately informs those concerned about the difficulties that arise and proposes a solution. With the help of the PlanRadar App, we precisely manage the implementation.

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