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Energy cost reduction

We help you find the most effective cost reduction solution

Building energy cost reduction

Based on a detailed survey, we will determine how costs should be reduced.

Market Analysis

Thermal insulation

Generally, external thermal insulation is the perfect solution, but this is not always possible, in such cases internal thermal insulation solutions can and should be chosen, but here you have to be much more careful so that everything is perfect.

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Replacement of shutters

Replacing an old door and window can help a lot in reducing costs, but in return you have to pay attention to the humidity and thermal insulation of the apartment, so that the moisture does not settle in the wrong place and mold starts to form. Our team therefore carefully determines the ideal shutters and the corresponding ventilation.

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Heating-cooling air conditioning

Did you know that with tariff H you can use any air conditioner with a SCOP value (degree of goodness) of at least 4 for heating. Most high-quality air conditioners can do this. From there, all that is needed is to be connected to an H tariff electricity meter. As simple as the process seems, it can have many pitfalls, so it is worth examining the options first and choosing the right one with our help.

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Solar system

The solar panel is a really good invention, the only question is whether it is really worth installing it on your house. We help you calculate, design and install.


Led lighting

With LED lighting, previous lighting costs can be reduced by 90%, and there are a few tricks that can be used to cut even this in half. From another point of view, it is very important to choose the LED that provides the right brightness and color temperature, which makes us feel good.

Led Lamp
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