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Leier LAJTA type house 2021

Turnkey delivery within 4 months!

LAJTA house, useful 107 m2, living room + 4 rooms

Turnkey price (with 5% VAT): HUF 69,751,500

Type house: LAJTA
Gross floor area: 69.24 m2
Total net floor area (ground floor + first floor): 107.31 m2
Usable floor area (ground floor + first floor): 107.31 m2
Open terrace: 15 m2
Number of rooms: living room + 4 rooms
CSOK: available for 3 or more children
Ideal for: 5 people


Convenience and comfort increase

House construction

Passive house

For passive house certification, 20 cm graphite EPS surcharge HUF 980,000

House construction

IKEA kitchen

IKEA white high-gloss kitchen, mechanized, assembled, 4m, lower cabinet with drawers, upper cabinet with side opening: HUF 1,950,000

House construction


Home automation with a Google or Apple compatible solution: HUF 2,100,000

House construction

Colored windows and doors

Colored plastic doors and windows on the outside, white on the inside: HUF 772,000

House construction


Plasterable cased plastic shutter: HUF 884,000

House construction

Blinds extra

Plasterable cased aluminum motorized shutter: HUF 1,780,000

House construction

Heat pump

Heat pump cooling and heating system: HUF 5,150,000

House construction


Leier LSK20 chimney: HUF 590,000 / chimney

House construction


Inverter air conditioning unit installed: HUF 450,000 / 3.5kW indoor unit

House construction

Extra insulation

PUR foam ceiling insulation 15 cm instead of fiber insulation: HUF 1,280,000

House construction


Car entrance in a flat area 3mx10m concreted, in a gravel bed, with paving stones 30x60x4: HUF 480,000

House construction

Garden design

600 square meters of flat land, landscaping with 100 bushes, edging, mulching, 15 cm of farmland, 300 square meters of lawn, automatic sprinkler system: HUF 2,600,000

House construction

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Manufacturer page of Leier LAJTA type housing:

Execution schedule

Phase 1:


Humus extraction, earthwork digging, bedding preparation

Basic mechanical installation

Basic channel installation with 110 and 50 mm PVC pipes

Basic installation of water in a base plate with KPE pipes


Reinforced concrete strip and slab base poured with C16 mixer concrete


Leier reinforced concrete wall 40 cm, poured with C16 mixer concrete

Phase 2


Leier reinforced concrete wall, precisely made to size and poured with 25 cm C25 mixer concrete

The wall surfaces are perfectly smooth, like visible concrete, ready for immediate smoothing and painting

Roof structure

In the case of a gable roof or a tent roof: Wooden roof structure with nail plates, with counter and tile cladding, vapor barrier film


In the case of a flat roof: Leier reinforced concrete slab, precisely manufactured to size

Phase 3

Front door and window

UV-resistant, 3-layer heat-insulated glazing windows, balcony doors, entrance door made of white plastic system 5-chamber profile.

Indoor and outdoor window brackets are plastic, UV resistant.


Steel tile or concrete tile, with accessories, basic colors


Flat roof with PVC insulation, with gravel, non-walkable version

Facade training

15 cm thick graphite EPS thermal insulation, doweled, netted, colored, with basic colors


Hanging gutter with a semicircular cross-section, gable wall tinning from galvanized sheet with basic colors

Phase 4


1 layer of bitumen sheet waterproofing, 15 cm of step-resistant thermal insulation, 1 layer of technological insulation, PE film, 6 cm of subgrade concrete

Interior walls

Plasterboard partition wall 12.5 cm, 2x2 with réter covering or Ytong partition wall, with thin plaster

Painting in white color with dispersion paint

Cold coverings 30x60 gress tiles (at HUF 6,000/sqm), covered up to 210 cm in the bathroom and 150 cm in the WC, worth HUF 1,500,000

Sanitary facilities, faucets, wall-mounted WC tank with installation in total in the amount of HUF 1,500,000

Warm covers in additional rooms in the value of HUF 1,000,000.

Construction engineering

Cold-hot water network with five-layer pipes.

Sewage with PVC pipes.

Electrical installation

Internal 230 V network built up to the outer line of the building.

Inside the building, a plastic distribution cabinet with circuit breakers.

4 plugs per room, 1 network (UTP) and coax (TV) connector. 8 plugs in the kitchen. 3 plugs in the bathroom. In general, there is 1 cleaning plug next to the door connected to each room.

BVF electric floor heating (manufactured for more than 30 years).

Electric boiler, Hajdu Z120 ErP electric boiler 120 liters.

Solar system min. with a power of 3 kWp. Net living area up to 90 m2, with a performance corresponding to meeting the 25% renewable energy requirement above.

Attic floor

35 cm glass wool insulation or EPS, 1 layer of vapor barrier film, plasterboard false ceiling with 2 layers of covering

Why should you choose the Leier 4G reinforced concrete house?

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